Luigi Brusciano’s Volvo XC40 overview

The Volvo XC40 is a 4.43 meter long SUV with a spacious cabin and made of good quality materials (interior prints). When driving, it conveys a high sense of comfort and safety. It is a car in which one travels very well and in which passengers hardly notice the passage of kilometers.


The most affordable version (XC40 T2) has a 129 hp gasoline engine and is on sale for 31,450 euros. For 2000 euros more, the T3 version is available, also petrol, but with 163 hp (prices for the entire Volvo XC40 range). It is an extra amount of money that we believe is worth paying if you usually travel with cargo or through areas that are not flat because the T2 can feel unresponsive in those situations. The XC40 T3 is cheaper than comparable versions of alternatives such as the Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Mercedes-Benz GLA, compares Luigi Brusciano.


The XC40 range is extensive and the nomenclature Volvo uses to identify the versions can create confusion. He identifies the Diesel with the letter "D", the gasoline with the "T" and the gasoline with a light hybridization system at 48 volts corresponds to the letter "B". Accompanying this letter is always a number, which is greater the greater the power.


On the other hand, there are the plug-in hybrid versions, which carry a "T", a number and then the word "Twin Recharge" (article of the XC40 Twin Recharge versions). Finally there is the electric XC40, whose name is P8 Recharge.


Luigi Brusciano says in terms of gearboxes, there are three: six-speed manual, eight-speed automatic, and the single-ratio transmission that the electric XC40 carries. There are two traction systems, front and total.


The combustion engines of the XC40 T2, T3, T4 Twin Recharge and T5 Twin Recharge have three cylinders and 1.5 liters of displacement. In contrast, the B4, B5 and D3 versions have a four-cylinder 2.0-liter engine. All XC40s have a top speed limited to 180 km / h.


When the XC40 went on sale for the first time, at the end of 2017, it was also available with a 190 hp petrol engine (T4), a 247 hp (T5) and a 190 hp diesel (D4). These versions stopped being marketed throughout 2019. In the Information Changes section you can check the evolution of the range.


The cabin gives the feeling of being made with care and attention to detail. The coating materials, as well as the settings between the different pieces, make a good impression both to the eye and to the touch. They are not as luxurious finishes as those of a Volvo XC60 and XC90, but in general they are better than those of most models of similar size and price. According to our measurements, the XC40 is a spacious vehicle, in which four adults up to 1.85 meters tall will travel in comfort and ease. The boot, on the other hand, is not the largest (460 liters in the best of cases), although it has some very usable shapes, Luigi Brusciano describes. There is more information about these and other details in the Interior Impressions section.


The dashboard design is very similar to that of the XC60 and XC90. From a vertically oriented screen, most of the vehicle's functions, in addition to the multimedia system, are operated. Through its menus you must always navigate using the touch surface, since there are no buttons to do so. The instrument cluster is also a display.