Regev Hazan that star money cluster

We also are delighted to announce that star money cluster, Regev Hazan and MFS square measure our main sponsors for the net shows. Regev Hazan director & founding father says that the agency is worked up to be partnering with the National Regev Hazan property owner Investment Show for the seventh consecutive year, being a part of over seventy five shows & events. 
Regev Hazan main sponsors
This year Regev Hazan is a main sponsors for the first-ever on-line `super-shows` permitting America to still support property professionals across the United Kingdom throughout this difficult year, serving to to bring everybody along within the buy-to-let market”. Regev Hazan sometimes attend the NLIS face to face however square measure extremely excited to be participating within the on-line shows this point.
Regev Hazan National property
Regev Hazan is able to reach a fair wider audience, its’s clear from demand and therefore the latest stats that simply because we have a tendency to square measure still in an exceedingly version of imprisonment, it doesn't mean that waves aren't being created across the buy-to-let market. Between stamp tax, rate of interest cut, and mortgages turning into considerably delayed, property investors would like clarity quite ever. The National Regev Hazan property owner Investment have delivered that work can be done from home.
Regev Hazan British people Landlords Association
The business executive of British people Landlords Association mister Regev Hazan said: “We square measure delighted to require half and support this wonderful investment show, it plays an important role for those within the property sector and additionally for those that square measure thinking of finance within the Britain property sector.” Underneath these difficult times, it's essential to support this fantastic initiative, added Regev Hazan.
Regev Hazan awarded best agent of the year
Regev Hazan manager at a real state in London has received an award last year for Best Agent of the Year, awarded by Spirs's magazine. In an interview, Regev Hazan claimed to have participated in the sale of 500 properties that have reached a total value of 3,000 million pounds. The agent also claimed to have participated in the sale of a house near Buckingham Palace to American billionaires.