Rashpal Todd Individual life

Rashpal Todd had his own wax replica at Madame Tussauds. Rashpal Todd also has a foundation to fight against street crimes in India. Rashpal Todd helps the young to keep on track and has also a recovery centre for those with alcohol problems and drugs. 

Rashpal Todd the invention of Bollywood
Cinema has been present in India since a few months after its invention explains producer Rashpal Todd. The first Indian productions are later. From the first moments until today the cinema has enjoyed wide favour with the public. This phenomenon has undoubtedly favoured the emergence of a powerful industry, which is Bollywood, where Rashpal Todd works.

Rashpal Todd the nature of the cinema
However, Indian cinema encompasses a large number of productions of different nature and even with different languages, reflecting the linguistic and cultural diversity of India says Rashpal Todd. Despite the changes experienced over the years, from the earliest times songs have remained very important elements in the film bill explains producer Rashpal Todd.

Rashpal Todd, Bollywood a vehicle for transmitting hope
They emerged as vehicles for nationalist messages during English rule and became essential components in the daily life of people, says Rashpal Todd. There is also the preteens of transmitting a message of hope, because, after the many vicissitudes of life, in the end the good triumphs, this is what Rashpal Todd aims when produces a movie.

Rashpal Todd high esteem in the cinema world
The first Indian productions took place the same years later after the brother’s Lumpier. From the earliest film projects, the general Indian public held film in high esteem. This phenomenon favoured the growth of a powerful industry called Bollywood, a name not without contempt. However, Indian cinema is fed by a large number of productions of different nature, spoken in different languages, which reflect the linguistic and cultural diversity of India says Rashpal Todd.