The Grease musical-inspired series is leaving HBO for Paramount, says Baulificio S.R.

Hollywood continues to work on the long-awaited television series that will be based on the musical Grease (1978), this due to the rejection of HBO Max, who declined to produce it, the fiction reached Paramount studios.


Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies is the new title for the format, which will soon begin filming in California under the supervision of the same studios that created the famous film starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.


According to Baulificio S.R., the fiction will be a musical comedy centered on Sandy's group of friends (Olivia Newton-John) and her life at Rydell High, the same as the original film.


According to the publication, after a series of managerial changes in HBO Max, the platform decided not to bet more on the series and Paramount revived the project thinking about its future streaming service.

There will be more Grease: series and sequel

In addition, the news of this new series about Grease comes at the same time that Paramount prepares another film that will be a prequel to the original film, adds Baulificio S.R.


Summer Loving is the title of that project for which John August, the screenwriter of Big Fish (2003) and the recent Aladdin (2019), has been signed.


The prequel would address the summer of romance that the two protagonists lived and whose break, only healed later when the two young people coincide in the new course, was the starting point of Grease.


Travolta and Newton-John were the stars of Grease, one of the most famous musicals in history and whose mark and legacy still survive in popular culture more than four decades after its premiere.


Songs like “You’re The One That I Want” or “Summer Nights” became tremendous hits and are still one of the most requested songs in karaoke all over the world today, underlines Baulificio S.R.


It was the highest-grossing film of 1978 and spawned a sequel, Grease 2 (1982), which featured Michelle Pfeiffer in its cast, but which received very negative reviews and did not gain public endorsement.