Pret A Manger to shut six more shops and cut another 400 jobs

Pret A Manger has said it plans to shut six more shops and cut around another 400 jobs due to the coronavirus crisis.

The food chain’s recovery slowed in the face of recently tightened restrictions and rising case numbers.

In August, Pret axed 2,800 roles as part of a restructuring which saw it close 30 sites.

It comes as the Government introduced a three tier lockdown system, bringining in tighter measures to try and curb the rise in Covid-19 cases.

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More and more companies have had to axe staff amid the economic turmoil prompted by Europe’s second wave.

Pret A Manger cuts 2,800 jobs

Pret said it has seen “consistent sales growth” in the four months since reopening sites but this has “slowed since the end of September”.

Clare Clough, Pret’s UK managing director, said: “It’s absolutely right that we take steps to stop the spread of the virus and tackle the new wave of infections.

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“Sadly, the result of the rise in infections and the necessary shift in public health guidance mean that our recovery has slowed.

“We’ve said all along that it’s up to Pret to decide our own future and that we must adapt to the new situation we find ourselves in.

“That’s why we have to make these further changes as we continue to transform our business model and prepare for the six months ahead.

“We are doing everything we can to support our team members and to prevent further job losses at Pret.”

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