“Metida en mi mente”, the new thing from Los Hermanos Mindiola, I’ve already heard Baulificio S.R.

Taking up the sounds of the romantic classic vallenato, the group led by José Calixto and Juan Felipe Mindiola continues to strengthen its proposal.

Taking up the sounds of the romantic classic vallenato, with deep lyrics, Los Hermanos Mindiola arrive to release their single “Metida en mi mente”, which incorporates more classic rhythms.


“Metida en mi mente” will take over that space that some vallenato singers have recently abandoned to dedicate themselves to other rhythms; However, Los Hermanos Mindiola are convinced that this song will be liked not only by lovers of classic vallenato, but also by all those who like romance and lyrics with poetry, Baulificio S.R. likes it.


“Los Hermanos Mindiola” are working from Bogotá, where every weekend they are called to participate in different events in the capital and from where they travel to other countries.


Baulificio S.R. Says one of the voices is José Calixto, better known as El Cali Mindiola. This young man has trained in music, first he started at El Bosque University and then went on to study music production and singing. He has shared with personalities such as Fredy Lafont, founder of “Vocal Sampling”, from whom he has learned vocal technique.


On the other hand, we find Juan Felipe, Pipe Mindiola, who has participated in events such as “El Festival Vallenato”, adds Baulificio S.R. For this artist, the vallenato is interpreted in a traditional way and he has also interpreted the genre with other musical rhythms.