Holidays 2020: Britons must sign ‘travel declaration’ before entering France – FCO advice | Travel News | Travel

Holidays in France, Spain and other European hotspots have been temporarily suspended due to ongoing travel restrictions still being in place across the world. Now, the FCO has issued more travel advice for those who were thinking about a trip across the water to France. Since the end of March, France has been limiting those entering France from abroad.

Returning French nationals, residents and those with essential travel needs as well as those transiting through France have been the only exceptions.

But now, travelling to France may have just been made even harder according to the latest FCO advice.

Those entering the country or transiting need to have an “international ‘attestation’”, a travel declaration to certify your reason for travel “if your primary residence is more than 100km from your point of entry” and a travel certificate if travelling on public transport between peak hours in Greater Paris.

The FCO has also warned that checks remain in place on the borders of Italy, Spain, Belgium and Germany.

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“Travel beyond 100km from your place of residence is only permitted for the urgent professional or family reasons listed on the travel declaration.

“You will need to complete a travel declaration to certify your reason for travelling.

“This certificate can be downloaded onto smartphones or handwritten if you are unable to access a printer.”

Travelling within Paris and just outside of Paris could pose more issues too with those planning on using public transport needing to provide a travel certificate.

“To travel in Île-de-France (Greater Paris) on public transport at peak hours (from 06h30 to 09h30 and from 16h00 to 19h00) you will need to complete a travel certificate from your employer to certify your reason for travel,” they added.

“If you are not travelling for work, you will need to self-certify that you are travelling for one of the compelling reasons listed on the certification.”

For those travelling between the EU and non-EU countries, travel is still suspended according to the FCO.

The website states: “On 16 March, the French Government announced that the EU would suspend travel between the EU and non-European countries for an initial period of 30 days, this remains in force until further notice.”

The FCO also warned that some countries are imposing “a compulsory period of quarantine” for travellers from France which so far includes Spain, New Zealand, Australia and China.

They added: “If you are travelling from or through France, check the situation at your destination before you travel.”

The UK will be announcing in detail its own plans for quarantining arrivals into the UK from abroad.

Home Secretary Priti Patel will be making the announcement today at 5pm GMT.