Apex Legends Forge: Season 4’s new Legends will be brawling in February | Gaming | Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 4 news was officially announced during a dev stream today, which included the big reveal of the new character, Forge.

Apex Legends fans have probably heard the name before via a few leaks during 2019 but this was the first time they got a good look at the new Legends coming to the game.

Forge is described as a brawler character and someone who is also a five-time hyper-Fighting Federation Champion.

“Confident yet humble, Forge uses his size, strength, and heavy-duty Shatter Gauntlets to batter his opponents into submission,” the official Forge description page adds.

Forge will be getting up close and personal with gamers on February 4, as part of the big Apex Legends Season 4 release.

The new Apex Legends character will be the first to be ‘corporate-sponsored’ another fact that will help him stick out from the crowd.

Hammond Robotics will be his backers and that’s a nice little Easter egg for fans of the original Titanfall games.

The dev stream also confirmed that this Hammond tie-in will go further than just sponsoring Forge in Apex Legends Season 4.

World’s Edge will be changing and while we don’t know how yet, we do know it will be big and that Hammond Robotics is involved.

A clue for what might be happening during Season 4 was also provided today after we learnt its official name will be Assimilation.

It’s a rather robotic word to be using and certainly sounds like a hostile takeover is in the offing.

Fans can also expect the new Sniper Rifle – The Sentinel – to be added alongside the new character and map changes.

Fans can also expect more teasers and reveals before Apex Legends Season 4 arrive in early February 2020.

A recent update released by Respawn also offered news regarding new Season 4 changes being planned. Respawn made some interesting balance changes to energy weapons on January 28.

Last week saw the Removal of extended energy mags, with the official Apex Legends patch notes explaining: “We know that the removal of energy mags seems a bit odd, but it will make much more sense with the release of Season 4!

“It takes a while to make the bigger changes you see in the new season updates, and we generally make sure to filter out these changes from preceding mid-season updates. This time we made a mistake and shipped a change that wasn’t intended to go live until Season 4.

And that has led fans to believe that the Volt submachine gun is coming to Apex Legends as part of Season 4, with this latest change put in place to help avoid making the gun too powerful.

However, with the news of the new Sentinel Sniper and its charge ability, it’s unclear if something like this will be planned for the launch of Season 4 in February, or later in the season.