Seriously tricky IQ quiz is leaving the internet baffled… so how many questions can YOU get right?


A fiendishly difficult quiz is leaving many scratching their heads as they try and correctly answer all seven baffling questions

A NEW quiz doing the rounds online has left many scratching their heads as they try to fathom the answers to all seven questions.

So check out the Playbuzz puzzle below to test your intellect and see how many YOU can get right…

If you found this quiz easy, take your knowledge further afield and name the capitals of countries like Brazil, India and Australia.

And you might be able to name the capitals, but can you SPELL them? Take this quiz to find out.

Or, if optical illusions are more your thing, these 10 hilarious photographs could prove that YOU have a dirty mind.

And is this the rudest hotel room sign ever? The optical illusion has the internet in hysterics.

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