Can YOU spot the hidden Ys? Puzzle challenges users to find five of the letter concealed among Xs

THIS is the latest brainteaser to cause a stir on the web, but you’re going to need great eyesight to stand a chance of doing well on this one.

A new headscratcher is asking players to find the five Ys concealed in a large square of Xs – so how long will it take you to spot them all?


Your eyes may hurt trying to spot all five of the Ys in this image in a matter of secondsCredit: PLAYBUZZ

The challenge, which was uploaded to Playbuzz, has five Ys in total hidden among the sea of letters.

Can you spot them all in under one minute?

If that proved to be too much of a head-scratcher don’t panic – we have the solution for you here.

The challenge follows a recent brain teaster that asked players to spot the one hidden poop emoji hidden among the sweet treats.

The puzzle, shared by Playbuzz, shows an illustration of chocolate flavoured ice-creams on top of cones, with some having a cherry placed on top.

But concealed among them is the cheeky poop emoji, which is proving tricky to locate.

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