There are two 10ft cats hidden in this safari park photo… so can YOU spot where they are?

A SAFARI park is challenging people to try and spot the two 10ft-long, 500lb tigers “hiding” in a recent snap of their enclosure.

Blair Drummond Safari Park, near Stirling, released a snap that includes Amur tigers Genghis, 19, and Bella, 14 – but the big cats are not quite as easy to spot as their huge size would suggest.


Can you spot Genghis and Bella the 10ft Amur tigers? They’re both hidden in this snapCredit: Deadline News

The tigers’ markings are designed to offer the perfect camouflage in situations of light and shade in the wild.

And while some people have found Genghis pretty easy to spot, the safari park has had to help many of its followers on social media locate Bella.

The park wrote on its Facebook page: “The tigers’ fantastic orange and black coat breaks up their silhouette and makes it notoriously difficult for prey to see them.


Genghis, right, and Bella are pictured in the photo above but their markings help conceal them perfectlyCredit: Deadline News

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“It can also make it very difficult for the public to see them, even if they are out in the outside enclosure.

“Genghis, our male, is on the far left, making the most of the shade underneath the tree.

“Bella, our female, is lying on the top right hand side of the pool, just in front of the log. She blends in very well.”


There they are! Genghis is at the back of the photo under the tree but Bella is more tricky to spot – she’s lying by the edge of the pool

Genghis and Bella moved into the park’s new enclosure “Tiger Ridge” two years ago and their home includes a rocky ridge, cave and waterfall.

Amur tigers are primarily native to Russia’s Far East and China and are found in the snowy mountainous regions where their thick fur helps them to insulate heat.

Sadly, it is believed there are only 300-400 wild Amur tigers left living in the wild.

What do you think, easy to spot or wildly tricky?

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