Can YOU spot the hidden easter egg? Tricky puzzle challenges players to find the egg in a field of bunnies

IF YOU love doing Easter Egg hunts, why not give this colourful brain teaser a shot.

Hidden among the bright tulips is an Easter egg that appears to have been dropped on the Easter bunny’s delivery.


Can you spot the hidden egg in this colourful Easter field full of flowers and bunnies?Credit: Twitter

Don’t get distracted by the rabbits munching on carrots in the field and playing with birds, as the egg is concealed somewhere in the picture.

You may need to look quite hard to spot the egg among the colourful flowers.

If it proves to be too much of a head-scratcher don’t panic – we have the solution for you here.


Did you manage to spot the egg which was hidden next to some red tulips?Credit: dudolfsolutions

It’s not the first challenging brainteaser to sweep the web in recent weeks.

Puzzle lovers have been tasked with finding a panda amongst an array of black and white pills.

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